August 21, 2020

ICT Consultancy

ICT Consultancy Services

Expert advice for your business needs

We at Twenty-two Seven™ provide solutions based on ICT ranging from systems that protect your data and information, Storage Optimisation solutions, help you chose the right Server and networking infrastructure for your business needs and automate your manual processes by employing Straight-Through-Processing (STP).

We can help you set up and maintain a Disaster Recovery site and prepare Business Continuity Planning to keep your business running in the event of major disruptions or disasters.

Recent Consultancy Projects:

Document Storage & Archiving solution – Scanning and archiving documents, thereby freeing office space and keeping records electronically which are easily accessible.

Disaster Recover & Business Continuity Planning – Deployment of Disaster Recovery and Business Planning solution by installing a resilient infrastructure together with the setting up of policies and procedures needed for Business Continuity.

Backup solutions – Protecting your data is paramount and inexpensive. Deployed a proper backup solution using the latest technologies including on premise and cloud storage. Solutions are tailor-made to customer’s needs and the one-fits-all approach was never used.

STP (Straight-Through-Processing) solution – Automation of manual systems for a Financial Institution, including the introduction of 4-eye and 6-eye principle authorisations for the newly introduced processes.

Bespoke Works Ordering System – A system used to calculate the prices for items sold in part or volume. This system generates reports for the ordered parts and can be interfaced to any accounting or stock system.