August 21, 2020


ICT Consultancy

ICT Consultancy Services

We at Twenty-two Seven™ provide solutions based on ICT ranging from systems that protect your data and information, Storage Optimisations, Straight-through-processing (STP), Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning and help you choose the right Server infrastructure for your needs.


Managed Services

Most companies in Europe fall within the SME (small and medium sized enterprises) sector and may not afford to have a fully-fledged in-house ICT team. Twenty-two seven™ can help you out by running the critical systems on your behalf through a managed service.


Support System Services

You can have peace of mind by engaging Twenty-two Seven™ to support your ICT systems through Managed Services. We can also train and hand-hold your staff to carry-out some of the in-house duties , thus further reducing costs.


Bespoke Applications

Twenty-two Seven™ develops desktop applications that are designed to your requirements. Labour can be expensive! Inputting errors and double checking can be very costly to your business!
We can build programs for you to improve you productivity by minimising manual work.

What is Twenty-Two-Seven?

I started off my career in the Engineering field but after a few years I moved to computing. This was in the early 90’s where I started off as a Database programmer at the Employment and Training Corp (ETC). At the time I was working with DBASE IV™ and INFORMIX™ RDBMS. I moved to Server Systems support and administration after completing a course at NCR / AT&T Training Centre in Birmingham UK.

Following this I joined Mizzi Organisation, where for ten years I supported the ICT function of the group’s Automotive division. During this time I was responsible for the implementation of a number of projects, namely the VW / AUDI CPN (Central Partner Network), Porche AG PPN (Porche Partner Network) and PIWIS (Information System) and BMW’s JETSTREAM apart from the other car franchise systems.

In 2007, I joined Izola Bank as the ICT & Operations Manager. During these eight years I managed the ICT department and implemented a number of systems, notably, the migration of the Core Banking system and S.W.I.F.T. system, setting up the Bank’s Disaster Recovery site, supporting some of the functionality of the e-banking system and the introduction of numerous other systems.

In November 2015, I started Twenty-two Seven™ , where now I am using the experience gained throughout these years in the different sectors to provide consultancy services, ICT solutions, system support and develop bespoke applications.

Alexander Micallef

Owner and Managing Director.

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